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Please Donate to Our IndieGoGo Campaign - Wild Iris Needs Your Help!

We've been getting lots of love around our IndieGoGo Fundraiser - take a look at the Gainesville Sun and Business Report articles about the campaign!

We've had lots of donations and support already, but we still have a long way to go to meet our goal and we need your help!  But before we go on, if you haven't yet, check out our first commercial crafted by one of our genius feminist interns.

The truth is, things are going really well on South Main street - our sales are up, our volunteer and intern force is amazing, and the activist family on the block has welcomed us with love and support from the beginning.  But the other part of the truth is - selling books is not enough.  If we continue on this track, Wild Iris will have to shut our doors permanently after the holiday season.

But... feminists are resilient and we're changing our legal status to a not-for-profit because mission is what we do.  This will open us up to grants and donations so that we can survive.  Feminist work is why we exist and why we thrive - just look at Hobby Lobby, Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, the Red Tent Event, Queer Pool Party, Feminist Book Club, James Baldwin Book Club, Author Signings, Feminist Open Mic, Feminist Meditation Club, and more...

We're not ready to stop yet and your donation will make sure we can keep the doors open through our transition.  

Please take to the time to read and donate to our IndieGoGo Campaign.

We promise you, we're changing lives around here, please help us if you can!

Sandra Gail Lambert Book Signing and Reading - Sept 9th, 7pm

Join us September 9th as we welcome longtime friend and local author Sandra Gail Lambert featuring her debut novel, The River's Memory.  The reading is free and open to public and starts at 7pm inside the Civic Media Center.

This will be the first reading of Sandra's debut novel in her hometown of Gainesville. From a flintnapper's hands, to a swamp myth she was told about barren sisters, to the day she watched her mother water hydrangeas and everything changed, Sandra will mix readings from the novel with her own origin stories of The River's Memory.

Sandra Gail Lambert's writing has been published in New Letters, The Weekly Rumpus, the North American Review and Arts & Letters.  Excerpts from The River's Memory, her debut novel, won prizes from Big Fiction Magazine and the Saints and Sinners Short Fiction Contest.  She lives in Gainesville, Florida which is a home base for trips to her beloved Florida springs and marshes.

Copies are available now in store and online. 

The River's Memory takes you on a winding pathway through the lives of women connected to the river, moving through the spectrum of time and cultures with a natural ease. The lives of these women are neither flattered nor diminished but allowed to exist in the full range of human emotion.

The language is fluid and vivid and much like a rivers current itself, it pulls you along at the waters pace, sometimes gentle and sometimes rough. These characters will resonate with some part of your soul and even in these short excerpts of their lives, you will feel your heart ache with them. You will remember that we are all connected to the water.   ~Erica Merrell, Wild Iris Books

The River's Memory by Sandra Lambert
Model: RiversMemory

Labor Daze Festival - Sunday - Aug 31st - 4pm - 10pm - Bo Diddley

Join community members and organizations at the Fourth Annual Labor Daze Fest!

There will be music, food, and fun for all ages.  Free massages, a misting tent, a free rock wall and lots of other great all-age activities.

To celebrate the workers in our community several organizations are providing employment resources.  Wild Iris will be hosting a resume tent where locals will be able to set up appointments and leave Labor Daze with a brand new printed resume.  Then check out the clothing tent, where vouchers will be given for interview clothes as needed.

Take this moment to relax, have fun and mix and mingle with the best our community has to offer!  We'll see you there!


Support the Wild Iris IndieGoGo Campaign & Get Discounts from Love Me Do Photography!

Coming to you live from Love Me Do Photography studio are all the deals you can get just by being a Wild Iris supporter!

Love Me Do Photography, the official photographers of Wild Iris Books, are happy to announce our new extended partnership to help “Fund The Feminist Future”.  As our first declaration of partnership we would like to make the statement that this feminist future in a small college town famous for football and basketball championships goes farther than city lines. We are a fundamental base for students, lesbians, queers, GBLTQ community, and so much more. What we give is intangible it can be taken and taught throughout the country.  Photography is the same art; you capture an image that stays alive and makes a moment last forever. Looking at photography throughout history we remember, we cry, we laugh and we smile.  Love Me Do Photography stands by the belief that this moment right now is fleeting and we should do everything in our power to remember it. 

Let me tell you what Love Me Do can not only do for Wild Iris (with your help) but what we can do for you.  Right now you can digitally buy any picture from any Wild Iris Event for five dollars and all that money will go right in to Wild Iris’ pocket.  If you donate fifteen dollars to the campaign or to Wild Iris herself you will get fifteen percent off any photo shoot.  If you donate twenty dollars - twenty percent will be taken off your shoot. So now ask yourself if you donate a hundred dollars what happens? I hope you like a FREE PHOTO SHOOT with digital only prints – cause that’s what you’ll get!!   

Love Me Do has many different photo options to keep things in your price range. We have options that end as cheaply as you getting the product the same day. We also do framing, canvas prints, and so much more. If you can dream it, we’ll try to do it. 

When it comes to photo shoots what do we do? Well everything! We do family photo shoots, event photography, family photography, calendars, graduation shots, and custom photography of anything you can dream up.  Also from August 15th to December 15th fifty percent of the income we make on stock photo purchases of more than two photos will go to Wild Iris. 

What makes Love Me Do Photography so special you ask?  We are a queer, transgender, and feminist photography company. We are student run and are currently saving up money for the last of our needs to make a real studio location. We have worked diligently for Wild Iris and are committed to the art of photography and our customers.  Please help Wild Iris by your helping yourself to an amazing photography session. 


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