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2013 October Astrology Forecast

Wild Iris Books - Tue, 10/01/2013 - 11:35am

tightrope walker editedFinding Balance in the Midst of Tension 

Fall is in the air and so is the ubiquitous Pluto-Uranus square I’ve been yammering about (see examples here, and here, and here) for over a year now. Expect pressure to build over the course of the month through the weekend of November 1st, when Pluto-Uranus complete their dance.

With Sun in diplomatic Libra for most of the month, call upon your interpersonal skills and tact to negotiate high stress situations and restore peace. As tension looks inevitable in October, incorporate stress-reducing activities into your month now. Don’t wait until the energy builds and becomes unbearable.

Libra is about balance, harmony, beauty and our capacity for interconnection. Feed these qualities in your life to make the most of this month.

October 4 – New Moon at 11° 56’ Libra (8:35pm EDT)

We start the month with a high-octane, intense new moon that is plugged into the Uranus-Pluto square and a stressful relationship with Jupiter. At its best, this energy is dynamic and enterprising, allowing you to think outside the box, set your own agenda, and break free of previous limitations. At its worst, it’s so disruptive and challenging you feel like everything is falling apart and the world’s gone crazy. To boot, it’s happening to you because you seemingly lack control or power.

If you fall in the latter category, ask yourself if aspects of your life have become rigid and calcified. In some instances, regeneration requires a complete revolution of those areas that have become so familiar and habitual that we perhaps don’t see how limiting they’ve come to be.

With Uranus-Pluto, you will feel the stress along the fault lines in your life: wherever you feel too confined or feel your life isn’t an authentic expression of you; wherever you feel oppressed or disempowered; wherever you are bored with how things stand. If the foundation is shaky, the house will fall.

The call is to break free before you breakdown. Holding onto the status quo for safety will not bring you the stability you hoped. Reaching out for the new thing, the thing that speaks to you wholly, authentically, is the pathway to take.

With Jupiter involved, all of this can happen in a big way, and the emphasis on Libra points to strains in relationships and a need to rebalance life.  Pay attention to what brings beauty, pleasure, and peace to your day and what creates stress. Use this new moon to negotiate for more of what you find restorative and essential to your happiness. Use the stress to highlight what must change, and then the innovation of this new moon to brainstorm on making it happen.

A note of caution: Libra’s shadow side include an obsession with fairness (as she sees it), interpersonal conflicts, and an inability to makes decisions. Do not get caught in a Gordian knot of indecision and resentment because others do not agree with you, value you, or share your assessments. The power of this new moon lies in its ability to negotiate for change and renewal. Collaboration and compromise do not necessarily mean everyone sees it your way, just that you find a solution to which all parties can agree.  And negotiations can’t begin until you are clear on your position and decide what you want.

As we’ve been talking about the intensity of Uranus-Pluto days, here are some key dates in which the moon finds herself entangled in their web: October 3, October 10, October 16, and October 23. Emotions and tensions can run high these days. Keep breathing and remember that everyone will be feeling this pressure and perhaps be a bit more reactive than normal.

October 7 – Venus enters Sagittarius (1:54 pm EDT)

After spending a month in the sign of her detriment, Scorpio, Venus leaves the shadows for the open skies of Sagittarius. She may not be particularly warm and snuggly in this sign, but she’s ripe for fun and adventure as long as you don’t fence her in and honor her need to explore less travelled paths. As Venus moves into a stressful relationship with Neptune, decisions concerning people, love, and money are better delayed until after the 10th of this month. Our ability to see clearly is muddied and misunderstandings can occur, usually because our assessments are faulty or we’ve missed critical details.

October 15 – Mars enters Virgo (7:05 am EDT)

Mars enters hyper-efficient Virgo mid-month, so if you have any projects you’ve been putting off, now is the time. Virgo excels at ordering and categorizing, so use its get-up-and-go to bring order to the chaotic corners of your life. Just don’t go overboard and insist on perfection!

October 18 – Full moon eclipse at 25° 45’ Aries, Sun at 25° 45’ Libra (7:38 pm EDT)

The full moon brings to fruition that which is started the new moon.  Given we had a supercharged new moon in Libra, issues concerning relationships and balance/imbalance in our lives can come to a head. Use the illumination of the full moon to gain insight and objectivity. What was hidden can come into the light.  Eclipse full moons can be game-changers; they can bring opportunities that speed up time and our development, or they can turn life on its head.

The Aries/Libra axis speaks to the need to balance self-interest and cooperation. Aries, full of courage and impulsive enthusiasm, knows what it wants and charges ahead, trusting its desire to lead it where it wishes to go. Considering what others want? Well, that would just slow it down and, besides, that’s every person’s responsibility to his/herself.  Libra, on the other hand, deliberates. It trusts its intellect to explore all sides of an issue and comes to a balanced decision before acting. And how others are impacted is an important facet of the deliberations: it’s through understanding others that Libra gains insight into his/herself.

As the new moon points to an opportunity to liberate oneself from stultifying roles within relationships and within one’s life, the full moon may illuminate habitual patterns of relating which need to be released in order to come into the fullness of yourself. For instance, if you are apt to self-advocate and put yourself first, the scales may shift and you may be asked to compromise and collaborate to achieve your goals. And you may learn that the input of others deepens and improves your ideas. If you’re more retiring, you may find yourself in a situation in which you must be more assertive to meet your needs.  You may find you need to call on your courage and declare yourself. Either way, the dance of intimacy between self and other come into play.

The day of the full moon (and in the days leading up to it) may find people highly sensitive, irritable and often unable to pinpoint the cause of the frustration. For example, you may find yourself unable to shrug off a comment that you would otherwise ignore and discover yourself feeling highly reactive. With Neptune sitting opposite Mars, we become highly sensitized to anger while simultaneously losing the ability to anchor it in our experience or discharge it. This is a great time to go to the gym and work the tensions out physically.

October 21 – Mercury turns Retrograde at 18°24’ Scorpio (6:28 am EDT)

Mercury, planet of communication and connection, turns retrograde and stays in Scorpio through early December. The influence of Scorpio points to probing questions, deeper scrutiny, and perhaps more secrecy than normal. You may feel less like sharing and more reticent until you really feel like you understand what is going on around you. Trust can become an issue, as information can feel more subterranean and people less forthright.

Don’t be surprised if hidden problems come to light. Take great care with confidences placed in you. For some, secrets create stumbling blocks and place you in uncomfortable positions.

In general, Mercury retrogrades are good periods for revisiting unresolved issues that need brought to a close and are less good for starting new ventures and signing new contracts.  Communications can be garbled, schedules fouled. In Scorpio, mix-ups can occur because trust is limited or suspicions prevent full disclosure.

Use Scorpio’s knack for detective work to solve thorny, unresolved problems and get to the bottom of a matter.  Find something particularly knotty and dig in.

October 23 – Sun enters Scorpio (2:10 am EDT)

Here we enter into the darker days and the shadowy places in our psyche. Scorpio’s perception is the finest in the zodiac. Want to break free of the chains that bind you? Scorpio will get to the heart of the matter and help you resolve the issue at the roots. Direct this penetrating energy to the areas of your life in which you want to feel more alive. Facing your fears, moving through them, and emerging rejuvenated and reborn is a special Scorpio talent.  If your energy has been low, follow Scorpio’s suit.

2013 October Horoscopes

If you know your rising sign (the sign on the ascendant at the time of your birth), read that description as well as your birth sign.  If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, click here for instructions.

As always, a broad analysis such as this is no substitute for a personal astrological consultation based your full birth data.  If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please email me or call me at 800.604.0299.

ARIES              TAURUS           GEMINI                 CANCER                LEO                    VIRGO

LIBRA              SCORPIO         SAGITTARIUS        CAPRICORN          AQUARIUS        PISCES


Gemstones: Blue Lace Agate

This month, relationships can be stormy or just plain unpredictable. Negotiating a win-win works better than taking a hardline. Dale Carnegie says the best way to influence people is to keep the focus on them. That holds doubly true for you this month. Pay attention to other’s psychology and dig deep into what motivates them. Somewhere in their needs and wants lies the key that unlocks everything, including the secret to getting them to come around to your way of thinking.


Gemstones: Hematite

This new and full moon activate your work and service axis. If you’ve wanted to put in place a new health routine, the new moon is a good time to start and giving to others this month feeds your soul. Stocktaking around the give-and-take in relationships or decisions around partnerships with other may reach a peek near the full moon. Patience is a virtue of yours. Wait until December to make any big calls.


Gemstones:  Carnelian

October brings opportunities to enjoy yourself despite your busy schedule. Decisions and serious discussions at work demand your attention, but don’t let that prevent you from circulating. Gatherings with friends help with stress and bring creative insights. Early in the month you’re able to get clear on priorities and to be decisive. Later in the month you’ll discover that your proactive stance has gained you allies.


Gemstones: Sodalite

With Jupiter in your sign until next summer, you can create your opportunities and find yourself in the right place at the right time. The trick this month is to avoid pushing too hard too fast and to enlist others in your vision and truths. If you get arrogant, you lose your audience. If you’re too reticent, no one understands what you have to offer. If you feel balanced at your core and at peace, then you’ll find the resources needed to shake things up in a good way.


Gemstones: Lapis Azuli

If you don’t watch your wallet this month, it could be easy come, easy go, so keep a close eye and avoid impulse purchases. If you’ve been in the mood to write, take advantage of this moon cycle. You have the ability to get across your ideas in ways that are graceful, powerful, and innovative. You may find you need more time alone at home this month or at least moments to ponder deeply. Carve out that time.


Gemstones: Jade

Watch your stress and anger at the start of this month. It’s in the background like a low-grade hum and may come out inappropriately if you’re not careful. Focus on your values, on what brings beauty into your life, and how to make income in a way that feels like it honors your worth.  Around the full moon, your nerves may feel frayed, especially as it’s hard to read people and misunderstandings can run rampant. When in doubt, do something physical. Then decide to react after you’ve burnt off some steam.


Gemstones: Moonstone

Happy birthday, Libra! The spotlight is on you and you may feel the pressure is as well. You may need to act without proper time to deliberate and everything is happening at once. Big. Deep. Breaths.  This month everything feels to be on your shoulders and you hate going it alone, but in reality you have support, it’s just the pace that’s so overwhelming. Financially, err on the side of caution so delay decisions until December when possible. Things lighten up after the 18th.


Gemstones: Rose Quartz

You may feel weighted down this month, as pressures build in the background. Best tactic? A bit of alone time and paying attention to your daily routines so you feel anchored in a healthy rhythm.  Inspiration comes from your spiritual aspirations and tapping into your generosity, so if you feel yourself getting heavy, practice a bit of gratitude and acknowledge the people you love. Your spirit will soar.


Gemstones: Citrine

Decisions made in haste now may swing back around and be repented in leisure, so gather more information and wait for December to roll around if you have concerns. That said, it’s a fine time to think about your plans for the future and bounce your ideas off of like-minded others. Just hold off on finalizing your ideas until you do some research. Friends are a source of pleasure this month, so make sure you get out and circulate!


Gemstones: Quartz

You’ll feel the stress of this new moon cycle primarily around work and your life direction.  If your career feels stalled, this month should kick it into gear.  If you’re already busy at work, expect the pace to quicken.  By mid-month, miscommunications can become charged, especially with those who don’t hold the same beliefs as you. Adopt the methods of judo – don’t engage opponents head on, but use evasion and adjustment to reduce the power struggle and allow gentleness to overcome hardness.


Gemstones: Prehnite

Use this month to make a philosophical shift away from black-and-white thinking to entertaining others’ positions. Pay attention to your beliefs and truths and whether you’re open to letting others impact and inform what you feel you know. Hard truths need to be examined; other sides and possibilities entertained. Decisions about your career and direction can wait until December. Wait and see what new information emerges before determining the best course.


Gemstones: Onyx

They say when one door closes another one opens. Slam the door shut this month and embrace the endings occurring around you. Clear up shared debts, tidy your financials as a way to start. Release any urge to cling to the past or to your expectations of how things should be, and instead tie up old business and prepare for the next stage. Mid-month you may find yourself feeling hyper-sensitive and seemingly surrounded by irritable people. Take a bath, play with friends, and let it all drop away.


You’ll need the following information: date of birth, place of birth, and, most importantly, time of birth.  Go to the following webpage and select “Extended Chart Selection” at the bottom right section of the page.

  • Select the bar which says “Click here to show the chart,” which is to the right and above the “Options” area of the page.
  • You should find yourself at another page. Select “Click here to go directly to data entry page.”
  • You’ll be taken to the data entry page. Enter your birth data and click on “Continue.”
  • Your natal chart with the positions will appear.  At the upper left, look for the information in red text. Your rising sign appears after the word “Ascendant.”
  • You can print the chart if you like, too.
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Release Point: Stepping Out of the Shadows

Wild Iris Books - Tue, 08/27/2013 - 4:54pm


After months of being out at sea, September brings landfall. We move away from exploring our watery depths and move toward practical action, using our discrimination and powers of analysis as a compass.

That said, the murkiness and shadows don’t wholly dissipate until later in the month, when Pluto stations direct on September 20th.

This month can be best used to eliminate the old, outworn and obsolete in our lives. Internal housecleaning – be if of our attitudes, our behaviors, our routines, our emotions – pays off mightily this month. As a symbolic way to honor this energy, go through your home and give away items you no longer use.  Host a garage sale or take unwanted items to your local charitable thrift store.

Cast a hard look at recurring patterns. This month’s intense need for investigation and analysis enables us to uproot rigid, entrenched emotions, patterns of thinking and behavior.

Where do you feel stuck? What actions might you take to get moving again? Where are things dissatisfactory or less than ideal? Questions like these point toward the small, incremental steps or sweeping revisions required of you.

Honest appraisals of shortcomings, necessary corrections, and existing obstacles can provide a framework for change that improves who you are and how you live.  Just make sure you include a healthy dose of self-acceptance and compassion to the mix. Use your stocktaking as a starting point, a realistic blueprint to make improvements, not as a hair-shirt to punish yourself for perceived failings.

We’ve spent months in the intangible depths of our emotions and nonverbal realms. This month we are trying to bring those stirrings into the world, to make them more visible and real.

There is no right or wrong way to do this as long as the motion is forward. A seasoned traveler knows to pack light, as you can always pick up items you need along the way.  Use this month to put down anything that has become too heavy and slows you on your journey. Then continue on your way.


September 5 – New moon at 13° Virgo

This new moon rewards practical action, so roll up your sleeves and get to work. Analyze where you are at now versus where you would like to be. If you have pockets of chaos in your life, tackle them and create order. This month you’ll find decluttering your life declutters your mind, so when in doubt clean, organize, and make lists. You’ll find practical tasks focus your attention in a way that allows your mind to freely ruminate in the background on larger issues.

With Mars and Saturn in tense relationship to one another, projects that allow you to channel your energy in a focused, structured manner can provide a constructive outlet. Without a mountain to climb, you may find yourself feeling frustrated, angry and easily irritated – especially through the 9th of the month. That said, Jupiter and Pluto support this new moon, pointing to creative regeneration and buoyancy, if we keep working on the tasks at hand.

September 9 – Mercury enters Libra

Mercury leaves discriminating and practical Virgo, its home sign, for Libra. While Virgo enjoys absolutes, Libra excels nuance and seeing multiple sides of any argument. Its sense of fairness and ability to mediate between people and viewpoints can reconcile disparate viewpoints. If you’ve been struggling with an issue, Mercury’s stay in Libra – through September 29th – is a perfect time to make your pros-and-cons list and get a 360° view of your options.

September 11 – Venus enters Scorpio

Venus leaves the sign of its rulership, Libra, to slip into the dark chambers of Scorpio, the sign of its fall. Scorpio, traditionally ruled by Mars, aims to perceive deeply, cutting away the extraneous until it reaches the heart of the matter. (And so be it if the razor’s edge hurts a bit.) Venus’ desire to smooth rough edges and reconcile differences finds itself at odds in this brew of suspicion and intensity. Between September 11th to October 7th, we tend to scrutinize our relationships. This holds particularly true the days of September 16-19th, when Venus will join Saturn, and we find ourselves on our own and perhaps feeling a bit unsupported. Insights into relationships and their value – and whether, in some instances, their costs outweighs their benefit – come into focus.

September 19 – Full Moon at 27° of Pisces

If we put one foot after the other at the new moon and done our work (taking practical steps in our life as well as moving our psychic garbage to the curb), we find ourselves at the point of release, where we can surrender a behavior, pattern, or situation that holds us back. What we started at the new moon becomes illuminated: we see into it in a new way or finally see its meaning.

We may conclude the person, idea, or situation we’ve been obsessing over isn’t worth the pain and we let go. We may discover an unhappiness we’ve nursed is a sacrifice we’re willing to make once we see it from a grander, more elevated vantage point. Compassion, loving acceptance of our own or others’ foibles and pain could arise and change our approach or melt away previous resistance.

On the hand, if we haven’t engaged, by the time of the full moon we may feel victimized by the behaviors, situations and people with whom we’ve been obsessing and struggling. Feeling disempowered, we may find ourselves directionless, full of doubts, or emotionally overwrought.

In general, I find the week preceding the full moon emotional. Many of us don’t sleep as well, so fatigue kicks in. The days reach a crescendo: we feel things deeply, fully, and that includes the stresses of life and the emotions of those around us. Thus, we bounce off the high emotion of all those around us, not just our own.

As Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and a water sign, this phenomenon can be exaggerated. In addition to Pisces propensity for transcendent highs and bleak lows, Pluto is slowing to a stop (stationing) the day after the full moon, churning up the waters. Even if you feel grounded those around you might not.

Call on your compassion and pay attention if you become triggered. This month points to a need to release and eliminate past entrenched patterns. If you see your triggers as clues, you can use them as guides for further internal housecleaning.

September 20 – Pluto station direct at 9° Capricorn

Hitting the day after the full moon, Pluto slows to a stop at 9° Capricorn. After six months in the underworld, Pluto steps out of the shadows. If you’ve had an obsession, a recurring pattern, or an old habit you want to put down, today is a good day to cut your ties to the past. When Pluto reaches the stationary direct position of its cycle, we reach a release point.  Our ugliest secrets, our shame, the darkest corners of our psyches can be brought to the surface and into the light to be released. This day represents the unconscious made conscious, so make the most of it. Journal, dream, meditate, see your therapist: actively connect the dots between worlds. Use your awareness and intention to let go of past hurt, pain, and patterns that keep you fettered.

As if to underscore the theme, the moon squares Pluto and then joins Uranus the same day of the station. This day points to breakdowns or breakthroughs, but with one goal: liberating yourself from the past and limited ways of seeing or being in the world. If you could cast off any part of your history, any troubling emotion, any situation, any habitual way of moving in the world, what would it be?  Start there.

September 22 – Sun enters Libra

Sun moves from industrious Virgo to relationship-oriented Libra, where it is said to be in its fall. The sun, tied to our individuality and self-definition, must compromise its goals in Libra to engage in the dance of intimacy: its individual wants must take a backseat to the demands of genuine partnership. Libra loves to be surrounded by beauty. Propitiate it by treating yourself to a trip to the museum.

September 29 – Mercury enters Scorpio

Mercury leaves compromising, rational Libra for uncompromising, investigative Scorpio. Dig up a bit of dirt or dig into your favorite mystery book.  But don’t forget to look closer to home: the best secrets to explore are your own.


2013 September Forecast

If you know your rising sign (the sign on the ascendant at the time of your birth), read that description as well as your birth sign.  If you don’t know your rising sign and would like to find out, click here for instructions.

As always, a broad analysis such as this is no substitute for a personal astrological consultation based your full birth data.  If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please email me or call me at 800.604.0299.

ARIES              TAURUS           GEMINI                 CANCER                LEO                    VIRGO

LIBRA              SCORPIO         SAGITTARIUS        CAPRICORN          AQUARIUS        PISCES


Gemstones: Rose Quartz

Create or reinvigorate your health and work routines this month. You tend to soldier through everything. Try infusing your routines with bit of self-care and gentleness: if you’re tired, sleep; when you’re hungry, eat; when you’re stiff, get a massage. Sometimes it is the little things that make the difference. At work, what has felt overwhelming or stalled gets traction. You’re positioned powerfully. Be ready to remove obstacles, especially those you place in your own way. Though you like going it alone, this month feedback from others shines light on what you can’t see.


Gemstones: Azurite

Frustrations and irritations may arise this month, with every step forward seemingly blocked or thwarted.  Check your plans, don’t doubt yourself, and keep moving forward.  You have enormous reserves of creativity available to you at this time. Your point of release? Old beliefs about yourself, the world and life. Sometimes we turn our assessments and judgments into cast-in-gold Truths, never to be questioned. This month? Question. Someone (you-know-who) may have gilded a turd on occasion.


Gemstones:  Carnelian

Silver-tongued Twin, not every conversation can be contained or managed, especially at work. Turn verbal jabs into building blocks: use disagreement as a starting point for fierce conversations that air long-buried resentments. Turn your attention to home and family this month: putting your house in order puts your world in order. Old psychological material, fears, debts (real or metaphorical) need to be put to rest. The clearer you are about who you are, where you come from, and the foundation on which you stand, the easier it is to let go.


Gemstones: Chalcedony

September asks you to communicate what you know: clearly, precisely, judiciously. When in doubt, arm yourself with data, facts, and analysis to support your ideas.  A master nurturer, you struggle letting others reciprocate. Remember: you empower yourself and others when you negotiate for what you honestly desire.  Let the other party worry about his/her needs and let your vulnerability—the honest disclosure of where you’re at—be your place of strength. If you surrender control and redefine relationships, life regenerates.


Gemstones: Jasper

You may find yourself with energy to spare this month. Be selective: focus it on a few choice areas that support you financially and align with your values. If you meet those two requirements, projects take root and flower. You may find plenty of duties and obligations crop up around home or family. Think of it as paying forward, as each act strengthens your foundation. If you’ve been fretting about work or health of late, this month presents opportunities for a shift in a new direction.


Gemstones: Adventurine

September provides you opportunities to set your own agenda and empower yourself. What is it you want and how would you like to shine? Prioritize those desires and be your own best support person and cheerleader. This year offers you the chance to revitalize your hopes for the future and dream on a larger scale than you previously thought possible. Your creativity and capacity for joy and romance loom large. Don’t minimize their importance: begin a personal crusade to abolish barriers to your free expression.


Traditional Gemstones: Rhodizite

Your work this month is to dig into the ways you sabotage yourself and the fears that can sometime paralyze you. How about family secrets? Look back into your childhood and explore the topics that were considered taboo, the conversations left unsaid that you had to navigate on your own. Somewhere in the mix are ideas about yourself that are destructive, that undermine your foundation and make it hard to feel wholly at home within yourself. This month you have a chance to take all that baggage and leave it at the curb.


Gemstones: Blue Lace Agate

Where do you find tribe? A group of like-minded souls who share your view of the world? Your creative vision, sense of aliveness and capacity for inspired risks hinge on surrounding yourself with the right people. So does your ability to have fun. Ultimately, you stand on your own and your choices speak for themselves, but this month the feedback of community powerfully improves anything you share. Your place of transformation? Ideas and obsessions that have calcified. Let dialog break you free.


Gemstones: Tiger Eye

As they say, the devil’s in the details. Pay attention to the little things this month, especially in your career and in public roles. Where you find chaos, create order; where there is work to do, get to it. Doing so feeds your foundation, strengthening your core. Applying yourself to the tasks at hand now ensures you’ll have wiggle room for play later. A powerful shift can occur around your values and your relationship to money this month. Look to your self-discipline and your patience for clues on how to pivot.


Gemstones: Jade

Sometimes it’s less about what you know and more about what you believe. September presents an opportunity to merge the two: how do the facts align with your truths? If you experience cognitive dissonance, adjusting what you know (perhaps opening to the possibility that you don’t know) or how you interpret what you know (your framework) open gateways to new understanding. Ultimately analyzing what you believe leads to changes in how you define yourself. The Pluto station provides the point of integration, so dig deep.


Gemstones: Turquoise

Before you can move forward, you need to bring things to a close. September is a month of endings: clean up old projects, let go of old attitudes, tie up what has been left hanging. The clearing may be psychological or external, but consciously make room for the next phase of life. If you do, the resources you need – be they financial, spiritual, emotional, or intellectual – will be there for you. Your point of release? Acknowledging the way you undermine yourself. Taking ownership opens up an abundance of spiritual gifts.


Gemstones: Sunstone

Before you can move forward, you need to bring things to a close. September is a month of endings: clean up old projects, let go of old attitudes, tie up what has been left hanging. The clearing may be psychological or external, but consciously make room for the next phase of life. If you do, the resources you need – be they financial, spiritual, emotional, or intellectual – will be there for you. Your point of release? Acknowledging the way you undermine yourself. Taking ownership opens up an abundance of spiritual gifts.


You’ll need the following information: date of birth, place of birth, and, most importantly, time of birth.  Go to the following webpage and select “Extended Chart Selection” at the bottom right section of the page.

  • Select the bar which says “Click here to show the chart,” which is to the right and above the “Options” area of the page.
  • You should find yourself at another page. Select “Click here to go directly to data entry page.”
  • You’ll be taken to the data entry page. Enter your birth data and click on “Continue.”
  • Your natal chart with the positions will appear.  At the upper left, look for the information in red text. Your rising sign appears after the word “Ascendant.”
  • You can print the chart if you like, too.

Michelle Gould is a consulting astrologer living in Gainesville, Florida. For more information, visit



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Wild Iris Books Announces Volunteer Training

Wild Iris Books - Fri, 08/09/2013 - 9:07am

We’ve put down some roots and now we’re ready to rebuild our volunteer team!

  • Have 4 or more extra hours a week?
  • Wanna hang out with a bunch of feminists in a bookstore?
  • Have mad love for the courtyard and want to spend more time in the space?
  • Looking for volunteer credit for class or a full blown internship?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – Wild Iris Books and our sister non-profit Friends of Wild Iris have just the opportunity for you.

Volunteer training will be starting next week and we’ll be offering weekly training sessions to give you all the know-how you need to run the Iris.

Here’s the answer to some of the basic questions, but if you need more info – contact us through Facebook or email!

Who can volunteer?

Anyone over 18 years old who wants to! You already know all about us – Feminist, Queer, Local, Inclusive Bibliophiles.  Special note to parents – children 15 to 18 can volunteer with a guardians permission.

How long are the shifts?

Store shifts are four hours long and we ask that you try to work at least one a week. We’ll also have events and those hours will vary by need. The store is open from Tuesday through Saturday from 1-8pm. Shifts are broken down into 1-4pm and 4-8pm time slots.

What kind of stuff will I be doing?

General store stuff – cleaning, making displays, alphabetizing, helping customers, hanging out. There’s some data entry and if you have special talents let us know – we can always use graphic designers, blog writers and other creative peeps.

What’s all that training about?

Training Level 1 will get you the basics and help prepare you for the questions that customers are sure to ask. With Level 2 we’ll set up an individual time for you to come and learn the mechanics of the cash register, opening/closing duties and special orders. Level 3 happens as you need it – move into receiving inventory, helping to create purchase orders and beyond!

How can I get credit for class / internship credit?

If you need 10-15 hours at a non-profit for class, stop in and see us – our non-profit Friends of Wild Iris can hook you up with some projects and volunteer hours. If you’re looking for an internship, please forward your resume and personal information to Wild Iris Books and we will contact you for an interview. Currently we are on file with both UF and Santa Fe as an internship site.

What kind of Perks are there?

Glad you asked – besides hanging out in Florida’s only feminist bookstore which is nestled around several other amazing local and non-profit creatures we do offer some additional perks as our way of saying Thanks! After working for two weeks, volunteers can enjoy a free cup of coffee/tea from Rad Press per 4 hour shift. Enjoy discounts in the store and use Wild Iris like a library to read all those books you can’t justify buying (yet)!

Where do I sign up?

Wild Iris uses Volunteer Spot to keep track of volunteer training and schedules. Click here to go to the sign up site and get registered for Training Level 1. If none of the available training times fit with your schedule – send us an email and we’ll work something out for you.

Sign up today at to sign up for Volunteer Training Level 1 on @VolunteerSpot today!

Sign up today, we’ll help you get your feet wet and before you know it – you’ll be a Wild Iris Pro!

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2013 August Astrology Forecast

Wild Iris Books - Wed, 08/07/2013 - 7:12am

August brings creative new starts with much of the energy being generated behind the scenes. Focusing on your values keeps you on track, so when in doubt, ask yourself what really matters, what path of action will make you proudest of yourself a year, two years or 10 years down the road?

The foundations of your life – your home, family, core belief in/ideas about yourself – need to support the person you want to become. Be willing to restructure a bit and get to essentials to build on firm ground going forward.  If your work/home life is out of balance, what needs reigned in?

The new moon on August 6th at 14 degrees Leo speaks to creative renewal, but there are warnings against overreaching or sliding into the-ends-justify-the-means thinking. Sidestep power struggles and temptations to act ruthlessly by standing in your integrity.

The full moon on August 20th at 28 degrees Leo/Aquarius again requires us to lean on our values to bring about the results we wish to see. Stressful aspects between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter to Venus point to breakdowns or breakthroughs in relationships, our core values, our understanding to money, our need for pleasure and play.  Around this full moon, ask yourself if you are at peace.

If the answer is no, look to wherever your discomfort lies for the heart of the matter.  (Hint: it’s not another person or something/situation outside of you.  It’s your relationship – your interpretation of or beliefs – in connection to that person or situation that must be examined. Don’t be afraid to release, release, release.  And don’t be afraid to renegotiate boundaries or situations that have become less than equitable.

With Mercury applying to Neptune at the month end, logic and communication can be a bit fuzzy, so take the time to clear the air if things go off the tracks. The extra effort pays off.

Until next month, be good to yourselves and good to others. Be a healing force for all with whom you come into contact.

Aries:  August allows you to restart your life in a manner that supports greater authenticity and self-expression. Good news if you know who you are and where you want to go. If you’re not as sure, shore up your foundations. Clear out self-doubt, be kinder to yourself. Nurturing your roots – what makes you strong and at home within yourself – can lead to profound external changes in your life. Gemstone: Obsidian

Taurus: This month’s new moon falls in your house of home and family. Responsibilities and setting boundaries in your relationships remain a theme, but August offers an opening for creative change. The less set you are in your opinions, the more leeway and freedom of movement you’ll find you have.  Gemstone: Moonstone

Gemini:  Creative ideas abound this month. Take advantage of the momentum and share your insights with those around you. Ideas that lean on your principles are the likeliest to take root, and those that require you to restructure your work and health habits pay the highest dividends.  Keep track of your spending this month so you aren’t mindlessly overgenerous.  Gemstone: Jasper

Cancer: With the ball in your court, the challenge is to own your power, nurture yourself, and accept that the real oppressor is yourself. Look to your resources: the people in your life who love you, your talents and gifts, your native intelligence and emotional intuitiveness. Let your creativity guide you to a new way of supporting yourself (financially, emotionally, spiritually). It’s time to renew your life. You deserve it.  Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Leo: Happy birthday to you!  Spend time this month celebrating your life and expressing gratitude for the gifts around you. Internally, you’re going through a restructuring – shoring up who you are and what you stand for – and life can present its challenges. What matters now? Responding to the world around you with integrity.  From that humble genesis, spiritual blessings abound.  Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

Virgo: A bit of down time wouldn’t hurt you this month, hardworking Virgo. Let your fields lie fallow so later your seeds may germinate beneath the soil.  Social gatherings, personal goals, and friends will try to lure you into the limelight in August, so cultivate quiet time. An hour alone each day to journal, daydream, and contemplate the future will do wonders to rejuvenate you as well as lay the ground for future transformations. Gemstone: Malachite

Libra: August may prove to be a busy month on the job, so be on your toes and keep your balance. If handled well, this month could bring recognition for work well done. Later in the month, in particular, the light shines on you, so gracefully ask for what you want. The 24th to 28th can bring in tricky interpersonal dynamics and requires your native tact and fairness to calm the turbulent waters.Gemstone: Citrine

Scorpio: This year requires much of you, yet offers much in return if you show up and do the work. August is a month in which your little light can shine. Hard work, creativity, and a willingness to advocate for the disempowered (or act from a place of compassion) can bring you into the spotlight. Integrity and a fierce belief in doing what is right bring your talents into focus. Gemstone: Coral

Sagittarius:  Impulsive decisions regarding money or debts can land you in unhappy situations. Slowing down and bouncing financial decisions off of trusted advisors can prove wise. Don’t be to proud to ask. Over the next few years, you’re on a mission to master your resources and create financial stability. Rule of thumb: your old relationship to money must change if you want to arrive at a new destination.  Gemstone: Jade

Capricorn: Relationships can be a source of renewed energy and new starts this month, as long as you remain flexible. You may feel inclined to hide or control your expression. You’ll do better if you let the excitement and challenge of others help you release the past and slough off old psychological material.  Fear and anger are clues that you need to lean into the experience. Gemstone: Garnet

Aquarius: Creative renewal arrives in the form of engagement with others. Don’t remain aloof; start negotiating and interacting. With a little effort, you can shake up your health routines or your work routines. Getting in touch with your body and what nurtures you can do more than improve your health right now: it can put you in touch with your authentic nature. Explore the instinctive.Gemstone: Smoky Quartz

Pisces: The emphasis is on work and health routines this month. Start fresh. Commit to the yoga class, commit to eating better: whatever you’ve been putting off, put to the top of your list. Doing so will help you ground and focus. Relationships are also front and center. Circulate a bit. You’ll find you’ll run into high energy people that make you happy. It’s time to connect. Gemstone: Rhodonite

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Labor Daze Fest – Bo Diddley Plaza, 9/1, 4-10pm

Wild Iris Books - Fri, 08/02/2013 - 10:57am

LABOR DAZE FEST was started in 2011 to celebrate the people who make this city go. (The brilliant local founders thought it appropriate, y’know, being Labor Day weekend and all.)

But they also wanted/still want to celebrate fun!  Bands, massage, rock climbing, activities for the kids, local vendors, support agencies and informational booths are just the start of what you’ll find here.  You’ll also find that pure sense of community and solidarity.  We will share food and music and laughter and art and ideas and that will keep us fueled as we continue creating the world we envision.

Spend the day with us.  Last year Gainesville held the 2nd biggest Labor Day Weekend celebration in the state – let’s top it this time – swing by Bo Diddley Plaza between 4-10pm on Sunday, September 1st. 

Now that we have roots, be sure to look for Wild Iris Books at the festival and come by to say hello.  We thank you all for the contributions you make to our city everyday and we celebrate you. 

As the Labor Daze Fest organizers say….By locals, for locals, about locals!

By the way, Holler if you want to help out. It takes a village… 

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Circle of Love Summer Carnival – August 4th, 1-7pm

Wild Iris Books - Fri, 08/02/2013 - 10:15am

Come on out Sunday and join the Porters Community at the Circle of Love Summer Festival to fundraise for youth education services.

Funds raised from the event will help provide after school tutoring services for 5 children in the Porters neighborhood.

The carnival will feature games, prizes, food, music, a bouncy house, and more!  Wild Iris will have a booth, doing crafts with the kids and catching up with the crowd.

Come show your support of our neighbors and friends and make an investment in the future of 5 young students.  

  Join the Chess or Spades tournament to show off your skills or participate in the all-age Dunk/Free Throw contest. 

Grab some friends and/or family and head down to Tumblin’ Creek Park, Sunday, August 4th, from 1-7pm.

See You There!

NOTE: There’s still time to sign up as a vendor and/or sponsor and volunteer help is still needed.  Contact Cassandra at 352.224.8953 for more info.

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2014 We’Moon Now in Stock – In Store & Online

Wild Iris Books - Fri, 08/02/2013 - 9:10am

The 2014 We’Moon is Now in Stock!


For over 30 years Mother Tongue Ink has been collecting and compiling art, poetry and creative musings to produce a yearly We’Moon datebook.

The iconic feminist datebook, astrological moon calendar, earth-spirited handbook in natural rhythms, and visionary collection of women’s creative work. The We’Moon datebook’s journey through 2013 is a profound and provocative exploration of “Radical Balance”.  The calendar pages inspire our inevitable, tantalizing journey, one beautiful week at a time.

 Order the Spiral-Bound Datebook or We’Moon on the Wall TODAY!

What is We’Moon?

Musawa © Mother Tongue Ink 2008

A Handbook in Natural Cycles

An empowering datebook and multicultural earth-spirited calendar, We’Moon features art and writing by and about women: an exploration of women’s experience and perspectives, a goddess-inspired creation from the growing edge of global women’s culture. We’Moon datebooks include full daily lunar and astrological information in a week-at-a-glance format, a lunar month-at-a-glance section, and a comprehensive introduction to astrology, Sun / Moon / Earth cycles, and seasonal Holy Days. Art, prose and poetry by hundreds of gifted contributors from around the world are organized into 13 themed moon-chapters, variously exploring the current years’ theme.

We’Moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn is more than an appointment book, it’s a way of life! We’Moon is a lunar calendar and a handbook in natural rhythm, and born of international womyn’s culture. Art and writing by we’moon from many lands give a glimpse of the great diversity and uniqueness of a world we create in our own image. We’Moon is about womyn’s spirituality (spirit’ reality). We share how we live our truth, what inspires us, how we envision our reality in connection with the whole earth and all our relations.

We’moon means “women.” Instead of defining ourselves in relation to men (as in woman or female), we use the word we’moon to define ourselves by our primary relation to the natural sources of cosmic flow. We’moon means “we of the moon.” The Moon, whose cycles run in our blood, is the original womyn’s calendar. Like the Moon, we’moon circle the Earth. We are drawn to one another. We come in different shapes, colors and sizes. We are continually transforming. With all our different hues and points of view, we are one.

We’moon culture exists in the diversity and the oneness of our experience as we’moon. We honor both. We come from many different ways of life. At the same time, as we’moon, we share a common mother root. We are glad when we’moon from varied backgrounds contribute art and writing. When material is borrowed from cultures other than your own, we ask that it be acknowledged and something given in return. Being conscious of our sources keeps us from engaging in the divisiveness of either cultural appropriation (taking what belongs to others) or cultural fascism (controlling creative expression). We invite you to share how the “Mother Tongue” speaks to you, with respect for both cultural integrity and individual freedom.

Lunar Rhythms:

Everything that flows moves in rhythm with the Moon. She rules the water element on Earth. She pulls on the ocean’s tides, the weather, female reproductive cycles and the life fluids in plants, animals and people. She influences the underground currents in earth energy, the mood swings of mind, body, behavior and emotion. The Moon’s phases reflect her dance with Sun and Earth, her closest relatives in the sky. Together, these three heavenly bodies weave the web of light and dark into our lives.

Gaia Rhythms:

We show the natural cycles of the Moon, Sun, planets and stars as they relate to Earth. By recording our own activities side by side with those of other heavenly bodies, we may notice what connection, if any, there is for us. The Earth revolves around her axis in one day; the Moon orbits around the Earth in one month (291/2 days); the Earth orbits around the Sun in one year. We experience each of these cycles in the alternating rhythms of day and night, waxing and waning, summer and winter. The Earth/Moon/Sun are our inner circle of kin in the universe. We know where we are in relation to them at all times by the dance of light and shadow as they circle around one another.

The Eyes of Heaven:

As seen from Earth, the Moon and the Sun are equal in size: “the left and right eye of heaven,” according to Hindu (Eastern) astrology. Unlike the solar-dominated calendars of Christian (Western) patriarchy, the We’Moon looks at our experience through both eyes at once. The lunar eye of heaven is seen each day in the phases of the Moon as she is both reflector and shadow, traveling her 291/2-day path through the zodiac. The solar eye of heaven is apparent at the turning points in the Sun’s cycle. The year begins with Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere), the dark renewal time, and journeys through the full cycle of seasons and balance points (solstices, equinoxes and the cross-quarter days in between). The third eye of heaven may be seen in the stars. Astrology measures the cycles by relating the Sun, Moon and all other planets in our universe through the backdrop of star signs (the zodiac), helping us to tell time in the larger cycles of the universe.

Measuring Time and Space:

Imagine a clock with many hands. The Earth is the center from which we view our universe. The Sun, Moon and planets are like the hands of the clock. Each one has its own rate of movement through the cycle. The ecliptic, a 17° band of sky around the earth within which all planets have their orbits, is the outer band of the clock where the numbers are. Stars along the ecliptic are grouped into constellations forming the signs of the zodiac—the twelve star signs are like the twelve numbers of the clock. They mark the movements of the planets through the 360˚ circle of the sky, the clock of time and space.

Whole Earth Perspective:

It is important to note that all natural cycles have a mirror image from a whole earth perspective—seasons occur at opposite times in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and day and night are at opposite times on opposite sides of the Earth as well. Even the Moon plays this game—a waxing crescent moon in Australia faces right (e.g. ), while in North America it faces left (e.g.?). We’Moon uses a Northern Hemisphere perspective regarding times, holy days, seasons and lunar phases. We’moon who live in the Southern hemisphere may want to transpose descriptions of the holy days to match seasons in their area. We honor a whole earth cultural perspective by including, among the four rotating languages for the days of the week, two from the Southern Hemisphere: Swahili (a pan-African language spoken primarily in East Africa) and Quechua (the most common Amerindian language, spoken primarily in the Andes).

Whole Sky Perspective:

It is also important to note that all over the Earth, in varied cultures and times, the dome of the sky has been interacted with in countless ways. The zodiac we speak of is just one of many ways that hu-moons have pictured and related to the stars. In this calendar, we use the tropical zodiac.


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Gainesville Area NOW Summer Feminist Film Series

Wild Iris Books - Mon, 07/29/2013 - 1:03pm

Join Gainesville Area NOW , The Civic Media Center and Wild Iris Books on Monday, August 12th for the last movie in NOW’s Summer Feminist Film Series.

We’ll provide the movie and the company, you just bring yourself and your feminist discussion!  All movies start at 7pm in the CMC.  Suggested donation is $3-5 sliding scale – but ALL are welcome!

Please help spread the word and RSVP to the Facebook event.  Hope to see you there!

Monday, August 12th

The Brandon Teena Story


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2013 July New Moon in Cancer

Wild Iris Books - Mon, 07/08/2013 - 7:10pm

July 8th – New Moon at 16° Cancer, Saturn stations direct at 5° Scorpio

The new moon is joined by Mercury, so it’s important to express yourself, especially those feelings you’ve been bottling up. Don’t sit quietly by and hope others intuit what you’re feeling: engage, share.  Opening up about your needs, your fears, and your longings is where the real growth lies this moon cycle. Connect and network with your tribe.

Emotional risks – especially those that help clear the air and open discussion – pay off.

square from Uranus indicates a need to break with routine, to let yourself step out of the past and out of routines and move toward greater self-expression and aliveness.

That said, Saturn, Lord of Karma, stations direct at 5° Scorpio the day of the new moon, which complicates the picture. We can’t simply toss aside the old world order, as Uranus might want, without honoring the responsibilities and realities of our lives.

Since February 17th, we’ve been reassessing our obligations. With Saturn stationing, we need get serious about setting limits and creating structures that facilitate our growth and dreams.  Focus on eliminating the unnecessary and streamlining. (Use Uranus’ energy to pay attention to what makes you feel alive versus what feels deadening.) Then put a plan in place that supports change yet honors reality.

Much of this new moon points to tensions between responsibility versus freedom, the past versus the future, the status quo versus change, and tradition versus innovation. Be adaptable, listen to your intuition, and craft a plan that moves you toward your heart’s desires.

What feeds your soul? What are you waiting for?

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Wild Iris Books Announces Regular Hours – Starting July 2

Wild Iris Books - Thu, 06/27/2013 - 10:26am

This is it…  

The post we’ve been waiting to write for months…


Wild Iris Books is resuming normal business hours on Tuesday, July 2.  We’ll be here to serve all your literary needs Tuesday thru Saturday from 1-8pm.

We envisioned a different opening, joining you last spring in our new home.  But the universe has its own time schedule and things always work out as they should.  We’ve enjoyed the break – traveling, having dinner with friends at non-events, and reading books on our lists.

But now we’re back.  We’ll be opening and building as we go, things will be changing and morphing as we experiment with our new digs.  Come by and give us your input and help us build our inventory wish lists.

So here are the basics:

  • Tuesday – Saturday, 1- 8pm
  • Cash Only for a Short Time – (Though you can use the computer in the store to order online with a debit or credit card while you chat with us if you need!)
  • 22 SE 5th Ave, Ste D

Also – we’ll be hanging around for Artwalk this Friday night, so visit us and all the other amazing businesses in the area that are featuring local artists, music and flare.

To our local vendors and consignment artists:

We’re hammering out the last details in the new contracts and once we get all the merchandise and furniture settled – we’ll be contacting you to set up in the new shop.

To our current and future volunteers:

Next week we’ll be tightening up the training modules, creating some videos to help you all out and in about a week or two we’ll make a call for you all to sign up for training on the new system.  Still though, don’t wait for that to stop by and see us!

To those who want a party:

Don’t worry, come Fall when all is in place and running smoothly, the sun slows down and our campus folk are back in town – there will be some massive celebration, in fact there will probably be several…

Find your favorite way to keep in touch with us, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletters, etc, so you don’t miss the all the updates and changes!

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WGOT Summer Solstice Benefit – Saturday, 6/22 – The Courtyard

Wild Iris Books - Tue, 06/18/2013 - 2:00pm

We’re ringing in the Summer Solstice and supporting WGOT with music, food, dance and fun!  Join us from 8:30pm until the party stops down on South Main.

Come to The Courtyard and party with the people working behind the scenes to keep the local atmosphere in Gainesville vibrant and healthy.

Side note – Wild Iris Books will be there hanging out with a table and photo booth, so if there are any volunteers out there willing to help staff….  Sign up here.  Shifts from 8pm-1am.  (Don’t forget earlier that day is the Makers Fest at The Repurpose Project)

WGOT, the CMC, Alcoholic Beverages by the Co-op, Tea and Coffee from Radical Press, Photo booth by Wild Iris, Humble Pie Oven Brick Pizza Truck and local music!

Enjoy the breezy sounds of Becca Pieters, The Nigel Bruce Trio and Cicada Shell

Who knows what will happen when we ring in the new season!  Come join us and find out. It’s gonna be a great party and a great summer. . .

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Makers Fest – This Saturday, 6/22 – Repurpose Project

Wild Iris Books - Tue, 06/18/2013 - 1:42pm

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, look no further.  Head over to the creative area on South Main and meet the people working behind the scenes to keep the local atmosphere in Gainesville vibrant and healthy.

Side note – Wild Iris Books will be there hanging out with a table, so if there are any volunteers out there willing to help staff….  Sign up here.  Shifts from 3pm-8pm.  (Don’t forget later that night is the WGOT Summer Solstice Benefit in The Courtyard.)

Join us at Maker’s Fest The Gainesville Community Arts and Innovation Festival – to meet the people dedicated to growing the local economy in our city.  These artists and businesses represent the movers and shakers of Gainesville, dedicated to promoting the local arts, growing local businesses, eating locally, and promoting community.

The event will feature local start-ups, locally grown and crafted food, artists, healers, performers, crafters, and organizations. There will be local music, bike repair, mini workshops, garden and neighborhood tours, refreshments, and food trucks.  

Join us beside the Repurpose Project, at 519 S. Main Street from 3-9 p.m. to join in on the fun, sample the local goods, and meet some new people. Come rub elbows with the folks at Wild Iris Books, Partender, Eatable, GOOD, Inc., Chime, Florida School of Massage, Broken Shelves, Vibe Art Connections, The Entrepreneurship Club, Locavore, Off the Griddle, S-Connection, and many more,

Enjoy entertainment from Shambling Shimmies Dance Company,  Acrosstown Repertory Theatre, Improper Contraband, and local favorites Blake Briand and Ricky Kendall.

General admission is on a sliding scale of $5-20. Kids under 12 get in FREE. All proceeds will benefit Vibrant Community Development, Inc. a local non-profit dedicated to incubating local arts, innovation and culture.

Vibrant Community Development works to secure underdeveloped real estate in our local community to promote development assistance and business incubation for sustainability-rooted, creative-class ventures, placing real-estate ownership into the hands of those creating the value, while creating competitive opportunities for local investment.

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Kind Auto Repair Needs Your Help Gainesville!!

Wild Iris Books - Fri, 06/14/2013 - 2:52pm

We’ve talked about how much we love Aspen at Kind Auto Repair before and we’re here to help spread a call to action for supporting them in their time of need.  They only have a few more days to secure a new property that will take them to the next level.

Honest Mechanic – I know this sounds like some mysterious creature who hangs out with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster but I assure you – that’s what you get at Kind Auto Repair.  Not only will he fix up your “baby” but he’ll give you a fair price and quality labor.

Here at the Iris, we’ve felt the support as our Kind Auto Repair referrals turn into donations that come back to help Wild Iris keep fightin’ the good fight.  Aspen has always shown great kindness and a willingness to support the agencies and business scene that make us so vibrant and special.

We’ve seen the power that the community love in Gainesville has and we’ve watched you support people in our community like the family we are.  How lucky are we to live in a place that truly takes care of their own.

If you can, visit the Indiegogo page and make a donation today – every little bit helps and we know with all our hearts that Kind Auto Repair will pay that kindness forward again and again.

Visit the campaign website and donate today!–2/x/2705211?c=home


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