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Advanced Readers and Reviewers Wanted!

We have mentioned that we returned from the SIBA Book Conference with boxes and boxes of advanced readers.  We'd love to sit home and read them all but we need your help.

All we're asking for in return is a small review so that we can help our readers find their next great read.  Nothing major - we're talking a couple of paragraphs here.  

Of course, if you fall in total love with the book and would like to guest author a blog post - we're totally down for that too!

You never know what you'll find in the advanced reader box - we get books for all ages and from all kinds of genres.  If you love a speciific press or publisher - let us know and we'll see what future publications are available for your review.

We'd love to hear some kid opinions too, so if you have young readers in your life - come see if something in the box would appeal to them. 

Stop by anytime during business hours and sign up to be a reviewer today!






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