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Tom Hart: Rosalie Lightning Book Release - Jan 15, 7pm

Wild Iris Books is proud to support the Tom Hart, Rosalie Lightning release and signing party. Tom and the crew at Sequential Artists Workshop have been our neighbors since we've been in the South Main location and they are all part of the block family.

We were fortunate enough to get an advanced copy and we don't have enough words to fully describe the raw beauty of this graphic memoir. Rosalie Lightning grabs you and envelopes you in the struggles and triumphs of the human condition, it's a breathtaking journey through love and grief and hope and family. 

Please join us Friday, January 15th at SAW and Wild Iris Books to celebrate the release. Pre-orders available for pick-up starting June 12th and there's always free shipping with in-store pick-ups!

From Tom Hart:

Gainesville friends, many of you know that shortly after Leela and I moved here with our daughter Rosalie, Rosalie passed away suddenly. It was sudden and horrible. Your hearts and spirits and events and energy helped me along as I labored to make this book to try to make sense of it all. 

And now, 4 years later that book is coming out. I believe it is a positive, hopeful book, and I'd like to share it with you all. 

Please join us at Wild Iris for to get a copy of the book or come see a show of the artwork at SAW, next door. And say a thank you to little Rosalie, gone, but still with us.

About Rosalie Lightning

Rosalie Lightning is Eisner-nominated cartoonist Tom Hart's beautiful and touching graphic memoir about the untimely death of his young daughter, Rosalie. His heart-breaking and emotional illustrations strike readers to the core, and take them along his family's journey through loss.

Hart uses the graphic form to articulate his and his wife's on-going search for meaning in the aftermath of Rosalie's death, exploring themes of grief, hopelessness, rebirth, and eventually finding hope again.

Hart creatively portrays the solace he discovers in nature, philosophy, great works of literature, and art across all mediums in this expressively honest and loving tribute to his baby girl. "Rosalie Lighting "is a graphic masterpiece chronicling a father's undying love.

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