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Introducing Your Fabulous New Blogger

Charles Ely is your friendly neighborhood poet, actor, activist, educator, and feminist media critic. He reads a lot, watches too much television, enjoys talking about postcolonial theory, and still can't keep up with shows or books. He is obsessed with alt rock and especially Placebo and The Cliks. His spirit animal is a mongoose: cuddly, loyal, and fierce when provoked. Born in Laguna Beach California to a couple of artsy, philosophical Hare Krishnas, he’s lived off and on in Gainesville since 1996. Which is a long time, if you consider that he’s only 22, and graduating from the University of Florida in December.


Charles spent the first seventeen years of his life living as his twin sister, according to some sources, but actually he's a transguy who has no sisters and one imposingly tall little brother. He does not usually tell strangers he's trans, as it is none of their business, but he anticipates it will be relevant to future blog posts on gender subjects. Consider yourself honored by this not-classified information.


In 2010, he moved back from the wild cornfields of Illinois to his hometown for college and took up the mantle of Gainesville spoken word. In 2012, he was honored to join Johnny Rocket in hosting the Feminist Open Mic at Wild Iris (which is at 7:30 p.m. the last Tuesday of every month, and you should be there). In general, he loves making art and immersing himself in poetry and theater and going on feminist rants about responsibility in art. Fair warning. His goals in life are to own Belle's library, write, work with Daniel Cloud Campos on a poem video, be a Pixar voice actor, make a lot of weird art and be youtube famous, and talk about human bodies until people stop being so uncomfortable about being human.


In the pursuit of universal peace and justice (&c) he would like to be called out on anything problematic he says by mistake.  


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