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Wild Iris Needs Your Help!

Can you help us shake off the last of the summer slump?

Gainesville summers… The heat goes through the roof, the sun shines straight through your bones, and the town slows to a steamy crawl.  We all know Gainesville business takes a hit in the summer and the last few months have been especially hard for Wild Iris.

We’re back into to the swing of things for fall – tabling and hosting events and reaching out for new volunteers - but we need some help recovering from the last of the summer days.  Can you help us raise $1,500 to get us back on track?  Wild Iris is run completely by volunteers – from the owners down to the staff and interns - because for us feminist bookselling is truly a labor of love.  It starts with an inventory that celebrates marginalized voices – different than any corporate chain and full of unique voices and journeys. But what really keeps us going is creating a physical space for people to grow, question, organize, and evolve their feminist convictions.

There are 13 feminist bookstores remaining in the United States and we couldn’t be more proud that Gainesville, Florida is on that list.  We know you might not need books every month but if feminist space and legacy is important to you, please think about making a donation today.  We’ve made it easy for you to donate online and we hope you’ll think about making Wild Iris a part of your monthly giving or support us with a one-time gift.  Click here to make a credit card or PayPal donation and contribute to keeping feminist bookselling alive and well in our community.  You can also mail checks to the store, or even better stop by to say hello and drop off your donation – we’d love to see you!

We couldn’t have survived these many years without your support and we appreciate you all so much. Feminism has made so many strides over the years but we can see by our media and political landscape that misogyny, reproductive oppression, and rape culture are still so pervasive in our communities.  Please help us continue to create a space that challenges the patriarchy at every turn and encourages feminist dialogue to flourish!

Make your donation today online and spread the word to your feminist loving friends!


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