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The River's Memory by Sandra Lambert

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Sandra Lambert's new novel, The River's Memory, is available for pre-order through Wild Iris Books!  Books will be ready for pick-up and delivery in late July.

Here's a chance for you to support one of our most cherished local authors and your local feminist bookstore.  What could be more win-win!

Sandra was kind enough to bring Wild Iris an advanced copy of the book and we found ourselves in awe.

The River's Memory takes you on a winding pathway through the lives of women connected to the river, moving through the spectrum of time and cultures with a natural ease.  The lives of these women are neither flattered nor diminished but allowed to exist in the full range of human emotion.

The language is fluid and vivid and much like a rivers current itself, it pulls you along at the waters pace, sometimes gentle and sometimes rough. These characters will resonate with some part of your soul and even in these short excerpts of their lives, you will feel your heart ache with them. You will remember that we are all connected to the water.



Reserve your copy today and stay tuned for more details about a reading and signing with Sandra in Semptember!

Price: $13.95

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